Survey Answers from Milagros Santiago

Survey Answers

Alderman Milagros Santiago

  1.  Do you own a pet? Tell us about them!
    I do not, however my oldest daughter does and I often dog sit for them when they leave town. It is always a joy to take care of him.
  2. The City Council recently passed a resolution to make Chicago a “no-kill” city. Did you support the passing of that resolution? Why or Why not?
    I do support the resolution. Unfortunately it was introduced directly by Alderman Burke and Alderman Lopez so it wasn’t circulated for signature support. Regardless however, I stand in support of the resolution.
  3. Our city shelter, Chicago Animal Care & Control (“CACC”), took in 17,550 animals in 2015. The budget for the entire department was only $5.7 million. The CACC budget for animal care and control services per animal intake is significantly lower than in comparable cities and the euthanasia rate is significantly higher. (see Note A) It’s clear that a higher budget is needed in order to reduce euthanasia. Would you support a budget increase for CACC in 2017? How much of an increase are you willing to support?
    I would support the incremental growth of CACC budget over the course of several years. How much exactly would be contingent on what the Budget office feels is possible. If revenue can be found in the fees associated with pet ownership in the city that the county regularly takes then I may support a bigger increase sooner.
  4. The majority of animals being euthanized at CACC are large dogs. A study on owner surrenders at CACC showed that housing was the top reason that individuals were surrendering their animal. Would you be open to exploring an ordinance that disallows landlords to ban dogs of certain breeds or sizes and instead focuses on behavior of the animal, or a policy that would encourage landlords to accept dogs of all sizes and breeds?
    I would explore and consider an ordinance that doesn’t allow landlords to discriminate against potential tenants due to size or breed of dog.