Survey Answers from Ameya Pawar

Survey Answers

Alderman Ameya Pawar

  1. Do you own a pet? Tell us about them!
    Yes. Baby is a sweet, lovable pit-mix, who lives up to her name. She is the antithesis of the stereotypes some people have regarding pit-mixes.
  2. The City Council recently passed a resolution to make Chicago a “no-kill” city. Did you support the passing of that resolution? Why or Why not?
    Yes. I believe Chicago should and could be a “no-kill” city.
  3. Our city shelter, Chicago Animal Care & Control (“CACC”), took in 17,550 animals in 2015. The budget for the entire department was only $5.7 million. The CACC budget for animal care and control services per animal intake is significantly lower than in comparable cities and the euthanasia rate is significantly higher. (see Note A) It’s clear that a higher budget is needed in order to reduce euthanasia. Would you support a budget increase for CACC in 2017? How much of an increase are you willing to support?
    Yes, I would support a budget increase. I would need more information before I could decide how much of an increase would be necessary.
  4. The majority of animals being euthanized at CACC are large dogs. A study on owner surrenders at CACC showed that housing was the top reason that individuals were surrendering their animal. Would you be open to exploring an ordinance that disallows landlords to ban dogs of certain breeds or sizes and instead focuses on behavior of the animal, or a policy that would encourage landlords to accept dogs of all sizes and breeds?
    I would be in favor of exploring an ordinance against the discrimination of dogs by size or breed.